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TM Racing Genuine Forks Seals and Bushes

TM Racing Genuine Fork Seals and Bushes

Oil seals, Dust seals and Bushes for all TM Racing models equipped with Paioli 43mm / 46mm / 48mm USD forks, Marzocchi 50mm USD forks and KYB 48mm Forks.

All seals are sold as pairs, bushes are sold as a set of 4.

90231 = Paioli 43mm Seals
90230 = Paioli 43mm Dust Seals
90233 = Paioli 43mm Bush Set

90200 - Paioli 46mm Seals
90209 - Paioli 46mm USD Dust Seals
90201/2 - Paioli 46mm Bush Set

90256 - Paioli 48mm Seals
90257 - Paioli 48mm Dust Seals
90258/9 - Paioli 48mm Bush Set

B528203 - Marzocchi 50mm Seals
B528204 - Marzocchi 50mm Dust Seals
B528105/121 Marzocchi 50mm Bush Set

72501 - KYB 48mm Fork Seals
72502 - KYB 48mm Dust Seals

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