British Premier Cup - Sherwood  (Sep 11, 2017)

The final round of the 2017 British Premier Cup took place this past weekend at the Sherwood circuit in Nottingham. With some inclement weather over the weekend it was a little fresh, damp and breezy at times, but with having only a few small showers passing overhead to contend with the track stood up well for the duration.

With numerous injuries sustained over the course of the season, the depleted TM UK team for this final round consisted of Jim Davies, Richy Roberts and Troy Willerton in the 125cc class, with Billy Collins on his TM 85 machine in the Big Wheel class.

In the 85cc class 'Factory Bill' put together some good starts and great rides but some incidents did little to help his overall position for the event. Billy settled into a good rhythm and went after his opponents in all 4 races over the course of the weekend, trying to make valuable championship points on his closest rivals. Sadly a big crash on Saturday knocked Billy down the order, however, regrouping and remounting saw Billy finish the race but the loss in places cost him. Unfortunately in the final race, a small moment left Billy in pain after twisting his ankle, but once again he battled on to take the cheqeured flag. For his efforts Billy took a well deserved 9th overall result for the weekend and showing ever improving form, moved himself into 4th place in the championship standings. Sadly a strange 'race drop' points system that seemingly penalised 'reliability' and 'consistency' in favour of 'no result' whatsoever, went against him on 'countback' knocking him down to 6th place. One would presume a 'DNF / DNS' should carry 'penalty points' to be deducted on countback rather than removing 'no points' at all and actually 'rewarding' a non start / non finish. Some may as well have stayed in bed and been better off for it!.

In the 125cc class Richy Roberts had a weekend that he will still be feeling well into this weekend coming !. Showing much improved form again this season Richy is upping the pace, pushing forward and once again climbing the championship standings this year. Unfortunately some good results this weekend were knocked back by some epic crashes left him a little worse for wear, hitting the bars of the bike in a tumble on Saturday left Richy a little queasy but a finish was scored. In the final race on Sunday however a big 'off' over the large banked turn left Richy out cold and in need of medical assistance, luckily Richy was fine apart from feeling a bit secondhand. After the points were tallied Richy earned himself a superb 3rd overall for the event and a well earned 4th overall in the final championship standings, narrowly missing out on 3rd.

Jim Davies battled on as only Jim Davies can in the 125cc class. A very tough weekend for the multi-time champion as riding with an ankle injury over the past months has both physically and mentally taken its toll. In constant brutal pain Jim is able to ride, however to race is not so easy, struggling to maintain pace in severe discomfort Jim once again showed his 'lion hearted' dedication and pure determination to achieve his goals. Painful for Jim, and painful to watch, as Jim's incredible talent could not be utilised when this physically constrained and ultimately allowing the championship to slip from his grasp in the dying moments. After putting in such a massive effort Jim took 4th place overall for the weekend and 2nd overall in the Championship standings.

Troy Willerton definitely had the bit between his teeth this weekend and came out firing on all one of his cylinders in the 125cc class!. Some great starts and some determined rides saw Troy taking wins for fun, fast and comfortable all weekend Troy brought his 'A' game to this event and it showed. Even after a fall early doors in the final race he still managed to take the challenge to the race leader in the final laps and ended his championship with a well earned race win and the 2017 championship title.


Troy, congratulations, well done, well deserved. You were faster than your own jaw !!. lol.

Jim... your a lunatic!. Just to watch was agonising, fair play to you, massive heart, massive effort, as always, big respect. Well done.

Richy, good lad, another year, another improvement, keep pushing. Well done.

Billy, awesome, progressing all the time, great to see, good lad. Well done.

To all the Mums and Dads, Sisters and Brothers, Family members, supporters, helpers, all the other TM riders at the event, Jake, Marshall, Wayne, everyone, thank you and well done to you all. Also a big well done to all the TM UK riders that are currently sidelined with injury, we wish you all the best and will see you track-side soon. And of course, finally a massive thank you to all of the team sponsors who make it all possible.

Thank you, TM UK