ACU British 2-Stroke Championship - Foxhill  (Aug 29, 2017)

The final round of the 2017 ACU British 2-Stroke Championship took place this past weekend at the legendary Foxhill circuit in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The former GP track has long needed some thorough TLC and the ACU team did a good job of trying to revive the tired surface for this one day event, some turning and watering of the soil certainly helped early doors but as the sun beamed down it soon hardened up once again as the days racing was underway.

The TM UK riders in attendance had a mixed day, with sadly only one of the 3 riders competing actually completing the full race program.

On his 125cc machine, Richy Roberts, was always going to be up against it competing against the 250cc / 300cc dominated field of riders. Nevertheless, Richy battled on from some difficult starts in both races to complete the 2 scheduled races. With the 125cc machine screaming around the fast circuit, up and down those legendary hills, Richy ended his two races with a 27 / 22 scorecard. A good result in a large crowd of riders.

Birthday boy, Troy Willerton, didn't wish for the day he had when blowing out his candles! Riding his 300cc machine, Troy had a difficult first turn in race one and was left at the rear of the field, as soon as he began to find momentum it was all over, a big crash at the bottom of the valley left him in discomfort and his machine near un-rideable with twisted handlebars and controls. Race two did not fair much better sadly after some more damage from the first race reared its head, Troys front brake caliper decided to give up and that was game over on this circuit, safety first.

Ryan Butler showed some good speed early on in race one after pulling a great start but being out too wide to take advantage. Making places up as the race unfolded Ryan looked to be settling in but unfortunately Ryan thought he had damaged a rear wheel. Suffering from a strange vibration / oscillation from the rear end, Ryan dropped his pace and entered the work area to assess the problem, a problem which turned out to be simply a huge lump of claggy mud, 2 kilos worth in fact, stuck in between the spokes against the rim in one area only, hence the imbalance felt. with only minutes remaining and no time to regain places Ryan retired. Race two faired a little better for Ryan and after some good battles for the duration Ryan took a well earned 21st place from what was another difficult start.

Well done to all the riders, helpers and supporters, and of course, a massive thankyou to all of the teams sponsors.

Thank you, TM UK.