World Enduro Championship - Italy  (May 30, 2017)

The GP of Italy did not go in the best way for some of our riders, our 'diamond tipped' pilot, Eero Remes, failed to shine so brightly this time out, not as we expected, but still managed to come home with good points.

A disappointing weekend for us to some degree at home, but the Enduro world championship 2017 is still long and the games are not finished yet.

Eero Remes did not take the lead in Spoleto, an event not to his height, and the disappointment of the Finnish rider at the end of the race is palpable.

In the Enduro 2 class Manuel Monni ran a good first day finishing in fifth place while on Sunday he had to settle for a tenth place.

Even the weekend of Emanuele Facchetti was not brilliant but he recorded some good times in some of the special stages showing some progress in the technical.

Congratulations to Andrea Verona, Youth rider of our satellite team, who in Spoleto got another double victory and is becoming more and more the leader of the class.