MXGP - Germany  (May 22, 2017)

We have reached the eighth round of the World Motocross season, which takes place on the Teutschental track in Germany, a very technical track with some changing conditions over the weekend.

Samuele Bernardini arrives at this race with still suffering with the ankle injury received in Holland.

In the free time tests, Samuele finds the right feeling for the circuit but has failed to find the perfect lap to get a good time in amongst his rivals.

The qualifying round saw Bernardini racing well, on the attack he made several overtakes and went on to earn a good ninth place that he hoped for the two races on Sunday.

In race 1 Samuele make a good start, up to 5th position in he first lap. The "Bern" immediately tried to attack his opponents but made a mistake that made him lose some positions. In trying to recover he stumbles, pushing too hard he makes two falls that takes away the chance of getting a good result.

In the second run, Samuele failed to repeat the good race start 1 and in the first lap trying too hard he slips off. Now at the back of the pack he tries to recover as many positions as possible, but the track did not make this easy even though Samuele has the pace to be further up the field. Bernardini finished in 17th race.

Once again, Samuel has proven to be able to keep pace with the first and made a very interesting turnaround.

Just a few days off and then back on track in France to Ernee.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "It's not our best time, Samuele continues to have ankle problems and is forced to run in defense, Samuel in the first run he made too many mistakes, in Race 2 on the first lap he fell, he tries to recover but was not easy. We are not happy with this performance because we know that these are not our positions. Next week we are back on track and we are considering making Samuele rest to get to the best in France."