TM Racing Show Domination In Greece at Round 2 of European Supermoto Championships  (May 16, 2017)

The second event for the European Supermoto season, held in Sparta, Greece. A new track for everyone with a few technical areas to navigate and a dirt section.

From the first free practice Thomas Chareyre shows his regularity, the French champion does not have any trouble to find the correct lines to record the best laps.

In qualifying the history book does not change, Thomas is on form on the new Greek track and gets the pole position. A good third fastest time for Diego Monticelli who shows maturity and speed, Llados closes in tenth position.

In race 1 Thomas is perfect, jumps from the pole position and immediately takes the lead, Chareyre runs at an incredible pace and immediately takes off, thanks to the advantage accumulated in the first laps he settles into a commanding lead and takes the chequered flag.

Diego Monticelli, after a brilliant start, gains ground and enters into third position, the Marseille driver repeatedly attempts to attack the second place rider but never found the right line to make the pass. Llados, because of an early fall, circulates at the rear.

The second perfect start by Thomas Chareyre for race two, the French rider pushed hard from the first lap, setting record times. Unfortunately one turn from the end, a fuel pipe ruptured and left Thomas with no power. Thomas 'peddled' his bike to the finish line to win some points.

Diego Monticelli was unbelievable, after a good start he quickly took second place. With his team leader, Thomas, having a problem just before the finish he wins the race.

Thanks to these two excellent results, Diego Monticelli brings home the GP winn and the red leader table of the championship.

Next appointment for Supermoto was the first round of the World Championship in Albaida in Spain.

Alex Serafini comments on the race: "We are very happy with the result of Diego who won the race and is picking up the spoils, unfortunately the problem of Thomas was unlucky, our world champion has dominated since the free practice and to have a problem just before the finish is a pity. I want to thank all the guys who worked for this great achievement."