Premier Cup - Round2 - Little Silver  (Apr 24, 2017)

Round two of the 2017 Premier Cup took place this past weekend at the Little Silver venue on the outskirts of Exeter. The 'natural' circuit running up and down the contours of the valley side certainly gave some exciting racing, the 'red earth' surface was hard and slick with some naughty bumps thrown in for good measure just to upset the balance and drive of the machines on the long downhills and steep ascents.

In the TM UK awning we once again had a slightly depleted field with Jack Grayshon still on recovery from his injuries sustained at the BYN and Ryan Butler with some broken bones in his foot. This weekend saw Jim Davies, Troy Willerton and Richard Roberts in the adult 125's, Liam Gale in the Rookie 125's and Billy Collins in the 85cc big wheels, with Jim 'doubling up' and taking on the clubman class on the mighty TM 300 2-stroke. With 5 races to complete in each class over the weekend it was a hectic schedule for all, more so with Jim doing 10 races on two very different machines.

In the Adult 125cc class Richy put together 5 strong rides dealing with some minor collisions, hampering his progress along the way, to end his weekend with a well earned 5th overall after some good battles through the field. Troy took 4th overall after a big 'off' saw him and his machine exit the track and go through the fencing on the first big downhill section and some small falls in other races cost him valuable time on an already difficult to pass circuit. The 'swift as possible' removal of the bike from the fence and rejoining the race at pace certainly paid off for Troy as he earned himself a good result for his efforts and continuation with a 'crash damaged' machine. Jim had some great battles at the sharp end that kept the crowd on their toes in every 125cc race, of which races Jim took 4 victories with a 2nd in the final moto (of 10!). Another great effort by Jim with some spectacular racing for him to take another overall win in the class.

In the Rookies Liam Gale showed some great form on his 125. Liam has got to grips with the 'large' machine rapidly after making the move up and at this first 'national' event for him this season took a well deserved 4th in the 125cc rookie class.

In the 85cc Big Wheel class Billy Collins showed some great form but was hampered by some small falls that cost him time, time that was hard to get back on this circuit. However, Billy continued to push and showed some good pace making places back up till the conclusion to end 13th overall. With the recent move to 'big wheels' for Billy we are still testing settings and are not quite 'dialed-in' so a big credit to Billy for his efforts pushing on during this learning curve.

In the 'clubman' class Jim took to the track against the big 450's and 'open' machines on his TM 300 2-stroke machine. Big hills, 'naughty' bumps and slick surface did not heir itself to the big 2-stroke against the 4-strokes when it came to getting the power down but Jim made it work as best he could. Fighting till the end and producing an incredible sound-track along the way!, Jim took a well deserved 3rd overall for his efforts.

A big well done to all the team riders, helpers and supporters. A big well done also to all of the TM riders at the event, the Wildmoor TM Racing Team members, the SMR supported Team members, the VRM riders and all of their crews. A big thank you to all of the team sponsors and supporters.

Thank you, TM UK.