2016 Motocross of Nations - Maggiora  (Sep 28, 2016)

We have reached the most exciting race of the season, the Motocross of Nations, this year held at the legendary track in Maggiora, Italy.

Exactly 30 years since the legendary event in 1986 where 85,000 people stormed the Novarese circuit to see the action unfold.

Samuele Bernardini is approaching this huge event along with his two team-mates, Michael Cervellin and Antonio Cairoli, with the eight-time world champion helping his young comrades in dealing with this difficult race in the best way possible. The Italian public, prior to, and attending the event, have incited and encouraged the riders at every step leading up to the event.

In the MX2 qualifying heats Samuele was very good, the draw for the positions at the gate did not favour Italy, nevertheless from the go "Berna" is very strong and with a steady rhythm which gave him consistent and excellent lap times he finished seventh.

After the first day Italy is classified in 5th place.

The first race on Sunday saw the MX2 riders on track with the MXGP riders, Bernardini and Cairoli race for Italy. Samuel manages to start well and fits in the middle group of this mixed capacity race, for much of the race he holds thirteenth place. The young Tuscan driver makes a little mistake in the last stages of the race and he loses some positions, passing under the checkered flag in 16th place.

For Samuele there was only time to catch his breath before it was already time to get back on track. The second heat he saw the Italian pairing of Bernardini and Cervellin on track, the MX2 and 'Open'. Bernardini is unable to have a good start this time and is blocked, he remains lingering at the first corner. But Samuele does not lose heart and is able to recover several positions, thanks to his determination and his new TM he makes passes for the duration, even uphill against the 450cc machines. Samuele Bernardini end his last race in 15th position, thanks to the six results achieved by himself and his comrades, Italy takes fifth position.

Now ends the season for the TM Factory Team, tomorrow the whole team will start to work towards the 2017 season, with new technical solutions to improve even more the new 250cc TM prototype..

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: " A very difficult race, great tension also for everyone in Italy, with the Nations in Maggiora after a 30 year break is something incredible. For TM being an Italian company with Italian rider it was a very important event for us. We did a great job and Samuel He has been very good. He has achieved great results in his category, he has managed the game well and taken the strain. The result is what we set out. Now we rest before resuming work for 2017. I want to thank the Federation which gave us the opportunity to be part of the team in such important occasions, Traversini was fantastic."