Manuel Monni Wins the 2016 Italian Championship E3 Class Title  (Sep 19, 2016)

The TM Racing Factory Team celebrates its second consecutive Italian title in the E3 class, won with the Italian rider, Manuel Monni.

At Casanova di Staffora, as in Cahors in France, the TM Racing Factory Team celebrates its riders and their achievements.

After winning, for the second consecutive year, the world title of the E1 Class with Eero Remes and also, celebrating the final third place in E3 with Manuel Monni. Now the small Italian manufacturer of TM Racing ands the 'Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro' with another E3 Class championship win for Manuel.

Manuel Monni won the Italian title E3 class with a day in hand, on Sunday the rider from Perugia takes the win in the "Assoluta" also. With this result he finishes the season with the title of vice champion in the class "Assoluta" as well as the class win.

An excellent performance for our young rider, Oliver Nelson, in the Junior class, where he fought with the best top riders.

"I am happy with the result, for the second time with the TM Racing Factory Team I'm Italian champion in the E3 class, but I have one regret, in the Assoluta I make some bad choices on Saturday, because surely I could win both days of competition."

"For me this was the best performance of the season, shame has it come in the last race".

TM Press.