MX GP Glen Helen - Bernadini in Bernardino  (Sep 17, 2016)

The last Grand Prix of the season saw the circus travel to the legendary track at Glen Helen in California, a fast track, but at the same time very technical, also we had to deal the the incredible heat which put strain on the riders.

The weekend of racing for Samuele Bernardini does not begin in the best way, during the time trials a big crash sees the rider has literally destroy his TM, causing much damage to the controls Bernardini is back in the pits losing much time, he returns to the track only in the last minute to put in a quick lap but fails to achieve a significant time.

In the qualifying race Samuele managed to climb a few positions to finish in 17th place.

In race 1 Samuel could not pull off a good first lap, a good start yes, but shortly after in one of the turns he is involved in a group fall with many riders. Now down in last place "Berna" has not lost his nerve and recovers with excellent progression to 13th place.

The second race we could see a determined Bernardini, starting in the top position throughout the race he maintained fifth place, unfortunately with three laps to go he fell, with no time to recover he ends his race in tenth position.

Samuele Bernardini ends the championship in eighth position.

Before thinking about next year we have yet another important appointment, the GP of Nations in Maggiora.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "The season was long and tiring, we have been working since the beginning of the year to stay in the top ten, this place eighth gratifies us of all the work done, it could do even better if we had I had a little luck in the last three races. I would like to thank all the guys both on the track and at home who have worked to make this possible and Gastone Serafini that without him it would not be all this possible."

TM Press.