MXGP - Assen  (Aug 29, 2016)

The Grand Prix of the Netherlands is held, for the second year, inside the grounds of the legendary Assen motor racing circuit. Some 32,000 people have taken the stands for this event.

The man-made track, with its sandy base, is known to be a difficult track anyway, more 'beach' like than circuit like, with the heavy rain that fell on Sunday morning the level of difficulty increased yet further.

Samuele Bernardini could not find the right feeling with the track, from the first practice on Saturday he struggled to find the right set-up and achieve the required rhythm. Samuele found the qualifying race hard, pushing and making mistakes, a good recovery saw him obtain a better placing but with a few laps to go he made a small mistake from which he had no time to recover again, 19th place was his result.

Sunday morning the rain fell, Assen was drowned in a storm which made the track almost impassable. A lot of work by the organisers was required to rescue the circuit and this led to a delay in starting. What was already a tough track became more so, a track that embarrassed the best pilots.

In race one Bernardini has fails to make a good start and found himself in the rear after the melee in the first couple of turns. Samuele tries to recover but has two bad falls, up and down the order he goes, as do many, unfortunately in the first fall he hurts his shoulder, the second fall did little to aid his physical recovery and in discomfort he decides to retire.

In race 2 Samuele would start not feeling 100%, battered and bruised, he hurts. However he puts together a great moto. An excellent start and with great pace he achieves a very well earned seventh place.

Now the TM Factory team is leaving for the United States, for the last two races of the season.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "We did not expect a race like this, unfortunately we struggled to find the right set-up of a very strange track. In the first heat Samuel fell twice, bad shoulder and knee. After a session with the physiotherapist he gritted his teeth and was on track for the second race,getting an outstanding seventh place. Now we have to make a good result in the last two American races."