MXGP - Switzerland  (Aug 8, 2016)

The last GP before the summer break took place this past weekend in Switzerland, a new 'artificial' track within a natural amphitheater and one that attracted the crowds, very enthusiastic crowds too, that filled the grandstands and created an exceptional atmosphere.

Samuele Bernardini took to the Swiss race track well, in the qualifying race a great start lead to a great race and a third place finish, a result that boosted the moral of the whole team.

In race 1 Bernardini departs the gate like a missile and takes the holeshot, he holds the lead for the first few laps but is running at a pace greater than he is used to for the duration needed. With each passing minute Samuele loses a little time very slowly dropping down the order.
Bernardini finishes in fourth place.

In race 2 Samuele can repeat the same excellent start to the first corner, he passes around turn 1 in roughly 12th place, but at the end of the first lap he was already fifth. Unfortunately in trying to attack an opponent for fourth place there was some small contact that forced Samuele into an incorrect line, he came of worst and fell. Dropping to 8th place Samuele fights back and with an excellent pace climbs to the sixth place.

Bernardini has once again shown tremendous growth, great lap times that are getting closer to the lead and maintaining the pace for longer.

In the overall standings he finished in fourth place, thanks to this important result he is now in eighth place in the world standings.

An excellent day also for the youth of the 125, Paolo Lugana was able to stay in both races in the top of the standings by closing 15th overall and Manucci has got a good 20th.

Now a long summer break, of three weeks, before returning to the track for the final European race at Assen before the last two Grand Prix in America.

Marco Ricciardi Team Manager commented on the race: "Very positive this race, Samuele, along with the team, found the right setting and the feeling with the track. Third place in qualifying showed great hope. The Hole-shot in race bode well, his opponents had a rate slightly faster in the second half of the race, but Bernardini finished 4th with a good race pace. Too bad in race 2, a bad start but good recovery, sadly contact made him lose positions but he still ends 6th. We have recovered one position in the championship and now we have to give everything for the last three races."