MXGP - Lommel  (Aug 1, 2016)

The Grand Prix of Belgium was held in Lommel this past weekend, the deep sand and rough nature of the circuit created many difficulties for all riders and machines. These facts further enforcing the addition of the new name of the track, 'Lommel Sand Hell', a track that needs to be respected.

In this event we also have on track the young 125cc riders of Lugana Paolo and Alessandro Manucci.

In the qualification race on Saturday Samuele Bernardini commits several mistakes that did not allow him to show his best on the sandy track of Lommel, after a better timed session he had to settle for 19th position in the qualification race.

In race 1 Samuele failed to stage a good start, not surprising from a difficult gate position, and at the end of the first lap was passing in the midfield. However, Bernardini set an excellent rhythm and continued this trend lap after lap making places, then a small mistake forces a little excursion off the track losing several seconds and a few places. "Berna" was not discouraged, he has shown to be coping well with this technical sandy track, and with a big push goes on to recover up to eight place.

The second race is an unfortunate one for Samuele, the young rider of TM Factory team once again made an average start, but with a good pace was making ground. Sadly something thrown up by an opponents rear wheel hits Samuele, the impact is hard enough to smash the lens out of his goggles forcing him to pit. He looses several positions but is quickly back in the points and heading for a good recovery, however pushing hard he stumbles into a small fall and with little time left is not able to do better than 19th place.

Samuele Bernardini sits in 9th place in the championship standings.

In the 125cc class the two young drivers qualify for the heats with two great performances, a very good eighth time to Paolo Lugana and 13th for Alessandro Manucci.

The track was difficult for the 'small' bike with all of the incredible holes that were formed, this has certainly not helped the two young riders on their 125's. In the overall standings Paolo Lugana manages to win points with a 23th place overall finish after an eventful weekend in this relentless circuit. Alessandro is the author of too many mistakes and he failed to take points but showed good growth on a track that fir sure is not suited to his characteristics, more to learn.

Now a short break of a few days for Samuel Bernardini before the races in Switzerland next week.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: A fairly good race in this 'hell', an excellent first heat where Samuele made a huge step in progress in the sand, sad for a small mistake but still finished eighth. In the second moto a stone or something caused the exit of the lens from the goggles and he had to stop, to ride and push hard in Lommel without vision is impossible. One week of rest and see you in Switzerland to close these three races in the best possible way."

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