MXGP - Czech Republic  (Jul 25, 2016)

After a break of three weeks, the MXGP circus returns. Here in Loket, for the GP of the Czech Republic, our rider is keen to shine. The TM Factory team make the most in this period to practice and test in Belgium to carry on the good work done so far and progress further.

The Czech Grand Prix was marked by the very uncertain weather, both the sun and rain have created many problems for the pilots.

Samuele Bernardini showed good speed in the times tests, setting a good 'tenth' fastest time. Unfortunately in the qualifying race, after a few laps, it started to rain, Samuel was forced to stop in the pits to change his goggles as visibility became a big issue. Bernardini charges in the latter stage of the race, making positions quickly and with this great comeback takes 13th place.

In race 1 Bernardini makes a great start, running with the leaders, after a few turns he was in second position, unfortunately during the first lap he was knocked to the ground after contact with an opponent. Remounting the bike and starting once again, Samuel is now in 31st position, but with an incredible and determined ride we witness Samuele conclude the race in tenth place.

In race 2 Samuele failed to repeat the good start of the first race, but with a very good and steady pace, in the now slippery and difficult conditions throughout the race, he maintains pace and finishes in sixth place.

Bernardini and his TM finisheS the GP of the Czech Republic in 7th position.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "We are very pleased with this GP, he could of had a better result in race 1, but contact with Ferrandis threw him to the ground and had to make a big comeback, looking at the history of the times you could easily end up in fifth. In race 2 he held a great pace that allowed him to finish sixth. Samuel finally showed a good pace throughout the race and this is the result of work done in Belgium."