Supermoto World Championship - Poland  (Jul 19, 2016)

After a long break, the Supermoto World Championship circus start to move once again, this time on the track of Poznan in Poland for the fourth round of this years series.

The TM Factory team arrives at this event in good spirits after an excellent performance in the Italian Grand Prix.

Thomas Chareyre, as has happened often this season, does not exploit his full potential in the practice sessions, trying not to 'show his cards' to his opponents. But, when it's time to get serious, he brings out the perfect lap going to take the pole position once a gain on his TM 450Fi SMX machine.

In the European championship, Diego Monticelli, is now a rider in better shape, he brings home his second consecutive pole position. Joan Llados however could not find the right feeling with the Polish track and had to settle for seventh place.

Thomas, in race 1, dominated in his own unique way, a perfect start followed by an incredible pace, allowed him to control the race from start to finish it could be said. At the begginging of race 2 Thomas fails to make a good start, in the second lap, when he was applying pressure to his opponent, Schmidt (TM Racing 450Fi SMX). As the battling pair exited the dirt section his opponent hit the tires that formed and 'artificial chicane', unfortunately Thomas could not avoid his opponent and this leads to Thomas falling and tumbling to the ground. Recovering from the crash, Chareyre could not do better than fourth place by the flag. Thomas Chareyre finishes second in the overall classification and continues to hold the red plate of this world championship.

In the European Championship a day to forget for Diego Monticelli. In race 1 he is forced to retire due to a technical problem, in race 2 he was disqualified because he cut the track in an effort not to hit opponents and crash. A good performance for Llados though, he finishes fourth in the Grand Prix of Poland.

The Supermoto World Championship goes on vacation once again and will meet on track in September for the last two GP's.

Alex Serafini Team Manager commented on the race: "On Saturday we were perfect, Thomas and Diego got the pole and looked like it could be another great weekend, pity that Thomas fell but it was his fault. We are still leading the championship and we did not lose too many points. Monticelli was really unlucky this weekend. Joan is progressing very quickly and soon he will be able to go to the podium also.