Enduro GP: Spain  (Jul 6, 2016)

At the GP of Euskadi, in Gordexola, near Bilbao, our rider Manuel Monni takes to the podium.

Manuel and his TM 300 EN machine win their class on day one, on day two he secures a second place in class, due to a time penallty. Saturday also witnesses Manuel rise to the podium for the overall 'Enduro GP' results, taking a great third place.

For the first time in his career Manuel Monni wins his class and takes the day. After the great success on Saturday, the Policeman by 'trade', was keen to repeat this feat on day two, which he was. Unfortunately after the race came a penalty due to a mistake by Manuel and the consequent relegation to second place in the E3 class.

An unlucky weekend for Eero Remes who can not win in the two days of competition in the E1 class, the first time this year that the Finnish rider has not taken the top step of the podium at an Enduro GP event. Eero takes the second step of the podium on day one finishing second in the E1 class, the following day was not so fruitful. Eero has to wave the white flag and retire after a technical problem. Eero still hangs onto the chammpionship lead.

The sun failed to shine on our Junior rider, Oliver Nelson, who is still recovering from the accident at the GP of Finland.

"First day perfect, first in class, my first career win and third in the Enduro GP. Also on Day 2, it was all going in the right direction, but in the Enduro Test, after reaching Basset, I have not seen small chicane, because of the bad dust my vision is not good and I miss it, at the end of the race arrives the penalty for doing so."

"A weekend to forget for me, now I will concentrate on the next race that will take place in Italy."

"This weekend everything has happened to me, I took a penalty at the CO, I ran a subdued race and I never found the feeling with the bike, the injury aggravates."