Bernadini Eighth in World Standings  (Jun 21, 2016)

A weekend that was not so easy for TM Factory team, but, with good lap times for Samuele Bernardini. Once again he manages to show his speed one this very fast track, if it were not for the bad luck that is chasing him in recent races, he would bring home a better result from this event.

In the qualifying race Samuele struggled to find his rhythm and after and average start concluded the race in fourteenth place, making sure to keep 'safe' on the very fast and jumpy circuit where passing was not easy. After a good warm-up on Sunday morning Bernardini is confident for fielding two good heats in the main 2 races.

In race 1 the jump from the gate is amazing, the TM 250Fi MX hooks and drives Bernadini from poor starting postion into the top positions in the first corner. Samuele found himself in fifth place after turn two, but a small mistake drops him to 8th, trying to regain the places in the turn after the large 'quad' jump, Bernadini takes the inside line and makes the places, however in the middle of the turn there is contact with an opponent, he falls. Without major consequences this small fall pushed Samuele to the rear of the pack losing manyl positions. Bernardini gave everything he had and recovered up to thirteenth place by the flag.

In the second heat another very good start, it would of been better too if not for an opponent braking too early in turn 1. Bernadini sits in 9th position and soon is taking 8th place. Unfortunately a stone hitting Samuele hard, and, an intermittant electrcial problem, forces Samuele to ease the pace a little, once again ending his race in thirteenth place.

Thanks to these two Samuele Bernardini results is still in eighth place in the championship.

In 125cc class, Alessandro Manucci ,has achieved a great result in race 2 in 12th place, Alessandro is still a long way from his best due to the injury he is recovering from. Good though is his progress, gaining a lot in his last performance and this result bodes well for the rest of the season.

Paolo Lugana was forced to run with an injury, a finger that has very limited movement at this time, he is unable to repeat the good performance of the GP of France.
Only a few days off and then back on the track for the second Grand Prix in Italy in Mantova.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "This weekend was not easy, but you have to look at the glass half full, in the first heat Samuel make a great start, fifth at the first corner, shame that a contact has made him fall, 13 at the finish line was an incredible comeback on this track. Good start in the second moto also, but unfortunately an impact with a stone and an electrical problem that would show up intermittently, he had to slow down. Thanks however to the misfortunes of our opponents also we were able to consolidate the eighth in the standings. Next week home race for us is very important."