Enduro World Championship - Finland  (Jun 13, 2016)

This past weekend was raced the 'GP of Finland'. Once again, as in 2014, Heinola, has hosted this round of the Enduro World Championship event.

Eero Remes is racing 'at home' and did not disappoint, great expectations from all for Eero to do well and he does. Taking the win in both days of competition for the E1 class, with this result he has won eight consecutive GP, and, he takes a first and a second place in the overall GP Enduro class. This result in the Enduro GP also means that Eero Remes becomes the new leader of the most prestigious category in the Enduro world, the outright series leader of all classes.

A good weekend for Manuel Monni who scored a sixth place on day 1 and an excellent fourth place on Sunday in the difficult and hard-fought E3 class.

The Heinola GP was not a good start for our junior rider, Oliver Nelson, he fell awkwardly in the training area on Thursday getting a small fracture in his left arm. Oliver gritted his teeth all weekend and after the tenth place on Saturday, has won an excellent fifth place on Day 2.


"Yesterday a perfect day, I did not make any mistakes and won the class and Enduro GP. But today I started a bit slow and I started pushing too late."


"I have have never been able to pick up the pace in the special test and on both days of competition!. Great fourth place on Day 2 but I believe that I could do better, and so I will do in Sweden."


"The weekend started badly with a nasty fall in area training, despite a small breaking to my left arm I decided to run because I felt little pain. The first day of the race I tried not to force but today I felt better and I got a great result."