Enduro World Championship - Greece  (May 24, 2016)

A perfect weekend for the TM Racing Factory Enduro Team that will be remember with great pleasure.

A Grevena, Greece, take place this event, the third round of the Enduro World Championship, our rider Eero Remes has taken yet another double win in the E1 class, and wins both days of competition in the Enduro GP 'outright', standing now as an outsider for the 'overall' title as well as the class he is dominating once again.

Mud and rain have accompanied the riders and teams once again throughout this weekend competition, but despite the adverse weather conditions and very demanding special test, our Finnish rider rode a fantastic race.

Riding at a reserved and conservative pace on day one to ensure no mistakes, Eero rode well to win it sensibly. While on the next day, immediately he upped the pace taking four tests, but suffered in the final due to a malfunction of the forks.

The icing on the cake for the TM team is the podium of the day on Sunday by Manuel Monni, the Italian rider rode a fantastic race fighting for first place. At the end of Day 2 Manuel took second place on the podium.

Too many mistakes made sadly for the rider Junior, Oliver Nelson. Youthful inexperience in the wet conditions did little to help. His score is an eighth and a ninth.

EERO REMES; I am happy for the successes in my class but especially in the Enduro GP. Yesterday I started slow but then I managed to win, on the contrary today I started strong but then I broke the forks and it was incredibly difficult to bring under the awning TM this success."

MONNI MANUEL: "The greek weekend was a photocopy of the Portuguese, rain and muddy ground but in the end I scored a podium on Sunday. Here in Grevena I managed to win the second place after a hard-fought day."

OLIVER NELSON: "Even this weekend we ran in the mud, ground uncongenial to me. Mine was not a good performance, now hope to make up in the Scandinavian away."