Great Italian GP for Bernadini  (May 16, 2016)

This past weekend saw the MXGP circus travel to Italy for the 8th round of the 2016 Motocross World Championship. Held at the Pietramurata circuit, the 'Trentino' Grand Prix started on Saturday in some very tough conditions after the rain had severely waterlogged the track surface.

In the qualifying race it was a case of making a good start, staying upright and keeping pace, once again Samulele Bernadini and his TM 250Fi MX machine were able to gate well. Maintaining a good rhythm, Samuele was fortunate to move from his first lap position of 8th, to a well earned 6th place by the flag.

With the track now dry, in fact with water now be added in some places, the stage was set for Sundays two main MX2 class races. With his home crowd behind him, Samuele was ready for action, despite a big fall during the mornings warm-up that saw his machine cartwheeling down one of the many drop-offs. Once again the TM 250Fi MX machine launched from the gate and Samuele settled into a great 2nd position, setting the fastest lap of the race on lap 3, Samuele and his TM held off a charging Jeffery Herlings for the first 5 laps. As the timer counted down Samuele had now eased his pace a fraction and currently sat in 4th place with around 4 laps to go. However a small mistake saw Samuele lose around 12 seconds on the 3rd section of lap 16 that saw him come under attack from his following opponents. Taking some time to regain his composure Samuele lost 2 more places and passed under the flag in 6th place.

Race two did not see the Italian pairing get a good start, after a great initial jump the bunching pack halted Samuele's charge and he exited turn-two in around 15th place. Determined to make ground Samuele pushed hard and made ground on his opposition the entire race, slowly climbing the charts witnessed him inside the top ten on lap ten, and with a gaggle of riders just ahead. With some great riding Samuele pushed nearer to his opponents ahead and on lap 11 passed into 9th place with more places there for the taking. With a big effort in the laps few laps Samuele took two more places and left himself in 7th and on the back wheel of Tonkov in 6th. Charging hard, Samuele and his TM 250Fi MX machine were all over the rear wheel of Tonkov, after a great corner exit and subsequent rhythm section, Samuele had put himself onto the inside for the next corner where a desperate Tonkov was forced into a mistake leading to a fall. This put Samuele inot 6th place which he held to the flag to take a very well deserved result.

For his efforts, Samuele and his TM 250Fi MX machine, took an excellent 4th overall for the Italian GP, setting the fastest lap time of the day in the MX2 class along the way.