MXGP - Latvia - Difficult Weekend For Bernadini  (May 2, 2016)

The Latvian Grand Prix was held at Kegums this past weekend, a circuit used frequently by the GP circus over the years and one that is well versed for it punishing surface. Regarded as being 'sandy' the track it however is 'hard based' and over the course of the weekend roughed up well to give the riders some real challenging conditions.

TM Racing's, Samuele Bernadini, left himself with some work to do during the Sunday's two main races after ending Saturday's qualifying race on 14th position. Samuele got off to a good start but appeared to not find his rhythm with the track, some small errors cost him places taking him from well inside the top ten to his final position.

Starting 'wide' on the gate in race one, and with an increased distance to cover to the near 180 degree first turn, the pack bunched up. Samuele pushed through the first turn and exited inside the top ten in 9th place, with little in the way of passing going on during the entire race within the top ten only some small errors in the latter stages cost him Samuele and he ended in 11th position.

Race two was to be a hard race for Bernadini, a good jump from the gate saw him in the thick of the action in turn one, but with Ferrandis fallen in his path Samuele had nowhere to go and was forced from his machine. Rejoining the race dead last, some considerable time from the back of the pack, Samuele pushed hard for the duration of race two to make up valuable placings. As the timer counted down Samuele continued to fight and broke his way into the points scoring positions, with some great determination he continued to push and for his efforts took a great 15th position after what was an terrible start to the race.

Samuele took 13th place overall for the GP and currently sits 7th in the championship standings.