2016 Premier Cup - Preston Docks.  (Apr 25, 2016)

Round two of the 2016 Premier Cup took place this past weekend at the Preston Docks facility in Lancashire. The weather held out until Sunday afternoon, before the rains swept in as promised, but prior to that we were treated to some glorious sunshine, a welcome change as of late.

With a partial team in attendance the awning was a little less busy, multi-time 125cc champion, Jim Davies, is currently out of action and reigning big wheel 85cc champion, Callum Gasson, is still out on recovery. However, with some additions to the 'team' and with a multitude of TM Racing machines in various classes now in attendance at this event there was still plenty of TM action on track.

In the 85cc Big Wheel class it was Archie Hicks and Lasermaster supported rider, Sam Hunt, doing battle on the loose surfaced circuit on their TM machines. Archie had a tough weekend this time out and found it hard to get the starts without incident, this left him with work to do in many races, not too mention the odd tumble. Archie worked hard and pushed on in every race to end his weekend with a 38/15/19/18/20 scorecard for 20th overall and a current ranking of 7th on the championship standings. Young Cornish rider, Sam, is still finding his feet in national competition and yet again gained some invaluable experience on a circuit he had never even seen before. Sam also has his share of tumbles and for his efforts ended his weekend with a 26/35/28/30/30 scorecard.

In the 125cc class Richy Roberts and Ryan Butler took their TM Racing machines out into action in the hotly contested 125cc class. Richy was carrying an injury this weekend, an infected cut in a finger, that did little to help his riding or his clutch control. Richy has some great starts, but in discomfort found it hard to maintain pace and push hard all race. Richy ended his weekend with a 10/13/14/13/10 scorecard for 10th overall. Ryan showed some great speed and headed off with the leading group in all 5 moto's, however once again his recurring arm-pump issue reared its head and Ryan battled to stay in control of his machine as the laps wound down. Seeking specialist advice this week, Ryan is desperate to remedy this issue as his outright pace and ability are hampered, very frustrating for Ryan indeed who knows he can run at the sharp end of the pack. Ryan ended his weekend with a 7/9/8/9/13 scorecard for 8th overall.

The 'VRM' supported riders of Jack Grayshon and Ozzie Murray, both on small wheel 85cc TM machines, and Troy Willerton on a 125cc machine, were also in attendance at this event. Young Jack dominated the small wheel class taking 4 wins and an 11th place, after falling whilst leading race 3. Jack took to the front in all 5 races and pulled some incredible distances over his rivals earning himself a well deserved overall win and the championship lead. Ozzie found it difficult to make a start and had to work hard to regain places, towering over the bike the tall youngster pushed onwards and went on to end his weekend with a 23/18/23/23/16 scorecard for 20th overall. Troy Willerton showed great speed in the 125cc class but a twisted knee in race 2 leading to a DNF and a big crash and subsequent 'running-over' on the start of the last race forcing another DNF, did little to help his overall result this weekend. Troy ended his weekend with a 9/DNF/7/7DNF scorecard.

Also in attendance was SMR rider, Sammy Beresford riding his TM 125 MX machine in the rookie class, Sammy took a well earned 2nd overall in his class.

A big well done to all of the TM riders at the event and of course a massive thank you to all of the Teams sponsors and supporters. Also a heartfelt thanks to all of the people at the event who enquired as to the well-being of both Jim and Callum, this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. TM UK.