Enduro GP - Round 2 Portugal.  (Apr 19, 2016)

The heavy rains in the days before the race also falls incessantly throughout the weekend of the event, this has made it difficult and riders must be clever on the three special test and all of the 'going'.

Our riders have an incredible event, both Eero Remes and Manuel Monni have climbed onto the podium in their respective classes, twice in fact for Remes who wins the double for his class and once again for the Finnish rider, who gains a podium in the Enduro GP overall too.

Eero Remes left Portugal with two more first positions in the E1 class and he and his TM 250Fi ENes machine are currently leading the E1 class with maximum points. In the Portuguese mud our rider has dominated both days of competition, on Day 2 he finishes in second place in the Enduro GP also.

After a first day of competition it was a not very exciting for Manuel Monni, he ended in fifth position and with a few mistakes too. Manuel Monni opened the gas in the mud of Gouveia on Day 2, going on to win the second place in the E3 class.

For the young Junior rider, Oliver Nelson, the two Portuguese days was a nightmare, the inexperienced rider not being able to ride in the mud was a big handicap, the seventh place in the second day of competition is therefore considered a good result.

EERO REMES: "Yesterday I won the class but I have not driven to the best, but today the feeling with the bike has been better and I have won the class and the second step of the podium in the Enduro GP."

MONNI MANUEL: "Yesterday I struggled to ride in the canals and in the mud, the race was to survive, a limit of the practicability was required. Today, however, much better, I was able to drive more smoothly and the result has come."

OLIVER NELSON: "After a nightmare day spent on day one, today went much better thanks to the changes in the special test and on the course."