Pirelli British Masters - Culham  (Mar 15, 2016)

Picture: Jim Davies showing how motocross is not for the faint hearted as he tumbles down the track in race 3.
Picture courtesy of MPS Images.

The first round of the 2016 Pirelli British Masters took place this past weekend at Culham. The recently revamped circuit looked good on arrival but once again the recent weather had ensured that all that glittered was not gold, as the weekend unfolded the track deteriorated in some parts and made the conditions very challenging for all involved.

The TM UK 125 riders, Jim Davies, Richy Roberts and the recent addition to the team, Ryan Butler were all in attendance. It was a mixed weekend for most with each having their fair share of 'moments' on the track.

A virus plagued, Jim Davies, was not feeling his best for sure and some irritating fueling niggles with his machine during the qualifying session did little to lift spirits. None the less Jim, as ever, battled on to take two wins on Saturday. Race three on Sunday saw Jim and his TM cartwheeling down the track but a quick remount saw him into the top three once again, a 2nd in race 4 gave Jim a well earned 2nd overall for the event and the championship lead.

Richy Roberts had some great starts and worked hard in all 4 of his races to battle not only his competitors but a tiring track surface. Fighting hard to push further up the rankings Richy ended his weekend with a 13 / 11 / 17 / 15 scorecard taking a good 11th overall for the event. With a top ten easily in his sights Richy is looking forward to round two.

Ryan Butler showed some great speed and line choices but he also became a victim of the track surface, after a great 6th race in race one, a big crash in race two, left him on the sidelines with a very bad back. Sunday was another day and although battered and bruised Ryan rode, looking a little stiff he made some mistakes in race three which saw a possible top 3 turn into an 8th place finish. Again in race 4 some falls cost him places and battling through the discomfort, and now suffering arm pump, enough was enough for Ryan and he retired to fight another day rather than risk more crashes.

A weekend of mixed results for the TM UK team of 125 riders but one that shows much promise as the year unfolds.

A big thank you to all involved, and of course, much appreciation to all of the team sponsors and supporters for the 2016 season.