The Lasermaster TM Enduro Team conquer Weston-Super-Mare  (Oct 12, 2015)

Lasermaster TM Enduro riders, Josh Gotts and Gethin Francombe took to the the shores this weekend and competed in the annual Weston-Super-Mare beach race. Riding their TM 250cc 2-stroke Enduro machines the two riders put themselves and their machines to the ultimate test and came away unscathed, an achievement in itself with many riders and machines succumbing to the torturous event, and for their efforts brought home some great finishing results.

Josh had a good start and ran with the leading group from the off, with a machine set up for 'ride-ability', ie, geared sensibly for the straight whilst ensuring performance in the huge dunes, Josh put in a great display of riding and endurance and for his efforts ended the event in an excellent 9th place overall, the first 250 2-stroke. Gethin, a first timer at this event, battled hard in unknown territory and after the three hours were up he had done enough to finish inside the top 100, 74th in fact, a great result for Gethin on his first outing.

Well done to Josh and Gethin and to all the crew supporting the boys at the event.