Vets MXdN - Farleigh Castle  (Sep 14, 2015)

The legendary Farleigh Castle circuit, nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Farleigh Hungerford along the banks of the River Frome, played host to what has become one of the, if not the largest, Motocross meetings in the UK this past weekend, the Veterans Motocross Des Nations.

Once again TM UK made the short B-road trip from Corsham to Farleigh to support TM UK MX team sponsor, Kleenrite's very own Steve 'The Dog' Knight, who was competing in the Pre 83 125cc class on his 1982 TM Racing 125 MX Twin-Shock machine. This machine, that only comes out to play twice a year, was having its first outing since October 2014, coincidentally the last time Steve actually rode a bike too !. With many of the TM UK MX team in attendance to support the 'Dog' in this annual 'role reversal' situation it was now time for action.

With some rain falling on Friday night the natural circuit, with its incredibly steep wooded section and then long uphill drags and super fast downhill winding their way across the terrain, was a bit 'heavy' on Saturday morning to say the least as qualifying began. No matter the 'Dog' was pumped and ready to tackle the slippery conditions and took a great 13th place in the qualifying session that consisted of around 50 riders. With 4 races to complete over the two-day event for each class, 2 races per day, it was all action all weekend with some incredible vintage machinery being put through its paces, many running a pace that would embarrass modern motocross machines. The 'Dog' put together 4 awesome races and once again bettered his results from the previous years competition, with some mixed starts, two great ones and two getting held up in the first turn melee around the Oak tree 180 degree corner, the 'Dog' gave it his all in all 4 moto's.

With some good line choices, as the circuit became as rough as it always does, the 'Dog' and his little TM powered their way around the circuit, the high revving, powervalve-less TM engine sounding so sweet as the pairing battled hard on the increasingly difficult terrain. After the 4 races were completed he 'Dog' ended his weekend with an incredible 7 / 8 / 10 / 9 scorecard for a very well deserved 7th overall in the very competitive class. An amazing achievement for the 'Dog' and his TM who have both neither been on track for 11 months.

Also riding in the Pre 85 class was Northern Irish legend, Adrian Lappin. Adrian also took to the track on 1982 TM 125 MX machine, a machine Adrian races regularly in Ireland where he has dominated the Vets class this season. This machine, loaned to Adrian by TM UK's founder and owner, Nick Craigie, made it two 1982 TM 125 MX machine on track in the same race, a rare sight in the class which consists mainly of later model year single shock Japanese machines. Adrian also put together 4 great rides, yes... the book was open and bets placed !!, ending his weekend with a 11 / 12 / 12 / 13 scorecard for 12th overall.

A massive well done to Steve, an awesome achievement ol' boy, a great event to attend made even more special watching the 'Dog' in action giving it his all. A big well done to Adrian also giving us some great entertainment watching the two TM's battling it out. Well done to all involved and a big thank you to all of the team sponsors who make all of this possible. Thanks TM UK.