MXGP of Lomabardia  (Aug 26, 2015)

The third GP of the season that takes place in Italy, this time near Mantova, and the TM Factory Racing Team looks forward to this event after the excellent improvements made by our injured riders in the previous races.

Samuele Bernardini staged a great start in the qualifying race after posting some excellent times in free practice sessions. After the good start in the qualifying race the Tuscan rider then suffered a fall early on that caused him to lose some positions. In trying to recover Samuele commits more mistakes and various errors throughout the race costing him yet more time, he could not do better than the 22nd position after a promising start.

Davide Guarneri was once again not at his best physically, this time due to a blow to the foot suffered during training, however in discomfort he has managed to keep a good pace finishing in 13th place in his qualifier.

In MX2 race 1, Samuele Bernardini starts strong early in the race, falling bakc slightly as time elapses,he is still not 100% fit after the injury. Recovering several positions and with a very good race pace Bernardini manages to end the first heat in 12th place.

In the second race Samuele makes a great start running inside the top ten, he maintains this pace and all looks good for a great finish. But, later in the race he has a bad fall in one of the many sweeping turns, a fall that did not look very good to watch either and for sure caused some discomfort as he was thrown into the bars, with time running out he is forced to retire.

Davide Guarneri was able to find a good pace from the start in the first race of MXGP, managing to be consistently in the top ten. Unfortunately in the last few laps his physical condition became apparent and he was overtaken by some riders, Davide finishes the race with a good 11th place.

In Race 2 Davide was not able to get a good start as a competitor falls in the first turn and he is forced to slow and avoid them, working from the rear of the pack early on during the race the "Pota" does not lose his nerve and with a series of excellent passes throughout the race, recovers himself back to twelfth position.

Another good race showing promise for our recently injured riders, now a push for TM Factory Racing Team ahead of the final part of the championship.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: "Good first races for of our two riders, Samuel made a great comeback and David also showed some good speed. In the second race, after a great start Bernardini makes another good comeback but suffered a bad fall and retired, Guarneri has a poor start having to slow, but he fought back well, we hope to improve again at Assen for the final two races overseas."

Davide Guarneri commented on his race: "Overall, the pace was not too bad, I was ninth in race 1 until a few laps from the end when I made some mistakes and lost positions. In race two I was held back by a another rider falling at the start, I have yet to find the right speed of the season."