MXGP - Lommel - Difficult Weekend for Bernadini and Guarneri  (Aug 3, 2015)

We arrive at the GP of Belgium in Lommel, the well known sand track that is regarded to be one of the toughest circuits on the GP scene, where good a sand technique is vital and even the best of the best can succumb to its challenges and be punished for even the smallest of errors.

TM Factory Racing team comes to this event in a positive frame after the good results obtained in Loket a week earlier.

Samuele Bernardini once again makes a good start in the qualifying heat, he passes in eighth place on the first lap, but the Tuscan driver failed to find the right rhythm, almost trying too hard, he loses several positions and makes mistakes that force him down the order finishing the race at the rear of the pack. In race 1 Bernardini makes a perfect start form a wide gate, exiting the first turn in around sixth place, unfortunately pushing hard in the early stages he falls and an opponent hits him on the head as he tries to pick himself up. Samuele is now at the rear and also in discomfort, he tries to recover but more mistakes are made, in the end he circulates to finish the race in 21st position. Bernardini, still stunned by the big hit in race 1, decides to take the line for race 2, with a tidy start and riding a sensible race, without pushing too hard to avoid mistakes, he completes the race in 15th position.

Davide Guarneri comes to Lommel without ever being able to train in the sand, because of injuries suffered this year and the little time he has had to recover, this does not make it easy.

Davide, in the qualifying round, has managed to keep a good rhythm, trying to maintain speed without pushing too hard or aggravating his injuries. He concludes the qualifying race in 19th position. In race 1 Guarneri makes an okay a start and begins to push himself into the rankings at a maintainable pace, unfortunately during the seventh lap he falls quite hard pounding his shoulder into one of the firmer parts of the circuit, Davide resumed the race but can not do better than 24th place in his condition. In the second moto Guarneri was not at his best physically, he gritted his teeth and tried, managing to win some championship points with a 17th place finish.

Now a long pause before the GP of Lombardy Mantua on the 22nd to 23rd August.

Marco Ricciardi, Team Manager commented on the race: "Unlucky weekend race for our team, Samuel made a good start in race 1 but the first lap he fell and was run over by an opponent, in race 2 he was not really fit, but he wanted to try to make a good result. David was unable to train on the sand and did not have the right speed, he hit the ground hard in race 1 and in race 2 he was not on good form."

Davide Guarneri commented on his race: "This race was very difficult, I have not been able to train on the sand, and on this track it showed, it was a disaster, it was really hard. In race 1 it hit the floor hard, bad shoulder now, in race 2 I had a good rhythm and I was trying not make mistakes. Now a good workout for the coming races."