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ELF HTX 115 Brake Fluid

ELF HTX 115 Brake Fluid

A very high performance brake fluid for racing applications, It's typical characteristics at high temperatures result in an exceptional behaviour under extreme braking conditions. HTX 115 contains no absolutely no silicone components.

Derived from experience gained within Formula One, HTX 115 is designed to adapt to extreme temperatures. Furthermore it is insensitive to water and is perfectly compatible with other brake fluids.

HTX 115 is designed for all high performance competition applications.

:Exceeds the equilibrium dry and wet reflux boiling points of (U.S. FMVS standard Nr. 116) DOT 5.1
: High protection against vapor lock phenomenon.
: Excellent corrosion protection and rubber seal compatibility.
: Boiling Point 500 °F / 260 °C
: Wet equilibrium reflux boiling point 374-392 °F / 190-200 °C
: Miscible with all DOT fluids.
: Not miscible with silicone or silicate esters fluids.

Available in 500ml bottles