Welcome to the 2014 TM Racing model range



Welcome to the 2014 TM Racing range.....


It is that time of year again, in the world of TM Racing, where  technical details of the upcoming 'next year' model range are being released and once again the small Pesarese company have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a full and comprehensive line-up of both 2-stroke and 4-stroke powered machinery in the disciplines of Motocross, Enduro and Supermotard.

For 2014 a host of changes has been applied to TM Racing's already formidable arsenal of competition machines, most notably in recent times, has been the addition of a completely new 85cc machine which features a 'class first' aluminium chassis mirroring its larger siblings. This much anticipated machine was in development for some considerable time before it's release in 2013 and not only did it feature an aluminiun chassis but also a revised powerplant. This new, lighter, more powerful and aesthetically pleasing machine caused a massive stir upon its arrival and has proven itself to be a winner on many levels during this season, especially on the continent where it has been beating the 'heavily tuned' opposition in it's standard production guise, not only has it's performance been exceptional but more importantly, it's build quality and reliability is near unmatched at the standard performance level it achieves. For 2014 TM have worked hard and improved this exceptional machine once again with a new piston design matched to a new cylinder configuration for yet more performance and longevity, this combined with new internal suspension settings have given TM one of, if not the best, 85cc machines on the market today.

Also under constant development is the rest of TM Racing 2-stroke range, TM are still investing heavily in the 2-stroke and are still as enthusiastic as ever to embrace it and improve it, therefore 2014 has been no exception with a brace of changes to the powerplants......

125cc. Once again ever popular and much loved 125cc engines for both MX and Enduro have been revised and improved, starting at the bottom of the engine the 125cc motor will again feature the 2013 updates of new main bearings, which will reduce frictional losses and aid crankshaft stability, and the revised intake system featuring new crankcases. For 2014 TM Racing have yet again increased the performance of these incredible engines and have found gains in both power and torque across the rev range with an all new twin-ring piston design which increases compression stability with less blow-by under extreme conditions, new cylinder port timing to maximise the potential of the new piston and new exhaust valve pulleys fitted with new larger diameter command cables to increase the performance and reliability of the TMEES system, all this  working harmoniously with new carburetion settings.

144cc. TM have not rested on their laurels with their 144cc engine either and the 2014 engine for MX and Enduro models now shares the same TM electronic exhaust-valve system, that has been proven to be a significant aid in engine performance and control at any given rpm, as fitted to the 125cc engines. The adaption of the TMEES system in 2013 means 144cc engine featured a totally new cylinder and cylinder head along with the all the other changes that have been made to its slightly smaller capacity brethren, changes included new main bearings tailored to the 144cc specific crankshaft with its own specific billet machined connecting rod. A new intake system featuring a new air filter cage and new manifolds for both the airbox and carburetor, these changes are also matched to a revised position of the V-Force reed valve on the crankcases, these updates for the 2013 machine have been revised for 2014 models and with some minor configuration changes combined with programming of the ECU modules, for both ignition spark control and powervalve operation, and with alterations to fueling and carburetion settings, have seen performance gains in many key rpm areas.

250/300cc. Only minor changes have taken place to the larger displacement 2-stroke machines for 2014 in MX, Enduro and Supermotard trim. After the 2013 updates of a new clutch basket, with a friction reducing coating to enhance clutch performance and reduce wear even under the harshest conditions. New clutch fibre plates for better heat dissipation, decreased hook up times and increased durability. Alterations to engine timing both electronically via the ECU module and through internal fuel transfer in the crankcases. New cylinder base gaskets for the 300cc machines better matched to the transfer areas on the crankcases and of the larger diameter cylinder. A revised gearbox shifter system is also fitted that includes friction reduction coated selector forks on both front and rear shafts allowing for smoother and more precise gear shifts, finally an improved powervalve mechanism with new bearings allowing for better governor transition for smoother powervalve control and power delivery. For 2014 some revisions have been made to increase performance yet again and the main area of this is a new positioning of the reed block system in the new crankcases to maximise potential of the new intake system, this means new cases with an inverted reed block matched to new fueling and ignition timing sequencing, all these changes combine to give a much more linear motor with increases in BHP and torque in key areas.The usual forged piston in the 250cc engine remain as do the V-Force reed valve systems in both 250cc and 300cc variants.

The 4-stroke powerplants have also seen their fair share of modifications over the past few years and with the latest generation 250Fi engine already being improved every year since its inception in 2010 and the 450Fi engine becoming the latest recipient of TM Racing's ultra reliable electronic fuel infection system in 2011, the latest generation 2014 engines have not escaped a host of improvement changes either......

250Fi. For 2013 the incredible 250Fi 4-stroke engine received several changes, the already highly capable single cylinder, twin cam, finger follower engine was given a thorough upgrade for it's 2013 release and was treated to a new, lighter, yet stronger, billet machined and treated connecting rod matched to a new box-bridged forged piston which improves structure at key points, this new piston type  increases rigidity and decreases the piston to connecting rod deflection at higher engine rpm's. Lower frictional losses are further achieved by using a new design DLC coated gudgeon pin. A new oil pump was fitted, again billet machined, but now with improved rotors and internal galleries for better flow and oil control at higher oil temperatures. New friction reduction coated clutch basket was fitted for better clutch performance and wear control, combined with a new clutch plate pack designed for better heat control and greater durability even under the harshest conditions. After having another 12 months of testing at the highest levels of competition in the MX and Enduro World Championships the latest updates to the 250Fi engines come from development of the TM Factory Racing Teams. The 2014 engine will continue with the well proven 2013 alterations but now receive another new piston design (still box bridged) with an all new crown design, this allows for better burn control, power output and efficiency when combined with the new cylinder head shape with altered volumes. New EFI mapping settings for both ignition timing control and fuel injection control work in tune with the new head and piston arrangement to increase power and torque for a large part of the rev range and these changes are different for both MX and Enduro variants too. Both the MX and Enduro engines have unique pistons and head profile variants to give the performance required for each discipline, on the MX engine a new inlet camshaft profile and a new larger diameter throttle body feature increase the performance values even further to suit the 'harsher' nature of Motocross, whilst the Enduro engine retains the smaller throttle body and 'relaxed' camshaft profiling to give a smother, broader power output better suited to the required conditions found in Enduro competition events.

450Fi. The mighty 450cc single cylinder, twin cam engine also received a host of changes for 2013 which will once again carry through to the 2104 models albeit with some minor modifications, these included a new piston for the MX models, the new piston is forged and features a 'box bridged' design for greater strength in key stress areas and is designed to minimise deflection of the piston to connecting rod giving greater performance and durability. A new design DLC coated gudgeon pin further reduces friction between the piston and connecting rod. Camshaft timing alterations have also been made along with the timing and fueling control of the Electronic Fuel Injection system with new maps programmed into a new ECU. The new ECU is also mated to a new wiring harness and, as its little brother, the 450cc engine also receives a new oil pump, again billet machined but with changes to pump speed and displacement to increase oil control at higher temperatures. Once again the 450 is no exception and the friction reduction coating has also been applied to the clutch basket along with a new fibre plate material, once more aiding clutch performance, heat dissipation, decreasing hook-up time and all whilst giving greater durability. Once again, more engine performance whilst increasing engine component durability. for 2014 the mighty 450cc engine has once again proven to be a world beater in many disciplines and for latest generation the philosophy is simple, small changes, the 2014 the 450cc engine receives only minor alterations to ignition timing and fuel control via the ECU and a small change to the piston design to enhance burn control and efficiency. The already immensely powerful and torque laden engine required little in the way of performance increases and simple alterations have just improved its responsiveness at lower rpm's and facilitated easier starting on the conventional kickstart variants.

Obviously there have been a number of aesthetic changes to the machines for 2014, but as mentioned earlier, at this time the images are currently not available, however we can tell you this, the 2014 models will feature a new decal design with matching seat cover showing the usual Italian design flair, the new 'optional' Kayaba fork with the new front brake caliper for the MX and EN models will now be fitted to all full size models as standard, and finally, new triple clamps improve handling and corner stability combined with new suspension settings. On the SMX competion Motard models a new 16.5 inch front wheel will now come as standard fitment over the conventional 17" and there is a new 205mm diameter rear disc available as an option. There have also been and some alterations to some fixings and fastenings around the machines chassis and its ancillary components.

As we have come to expect from TM Racing all the machines are assembled to the highest specification, constructed from the best materials and fitted with some of the best of component parts, these include......

KYB Forks twin chamber forks, Ohlins / TM Racing shocks, Billet machined aluminium hubs laced to anodised Excel rims, Billet machined aluminium triple clamps, Hydraulic clutches, HGS exhaust systems, Oversize taper bars, quality fixings and fastenings and of course hand finished and assembled engines.

Engines feature include:..billet machined crankshafts, billet machined con-rods, high quality forged pistons, high grade titanium valves, copper beryllium valve seats, V-Force reed blocks, downdraught fuel injection and hand finished castings for better matching and improved flow. It is the combination of these quality components and the care taken to finish and hand assemble these engines that allow all TM machines to perform at the highest level in production trim.


For more information or to place an order for your new 2014 TM Racing machine please contact your nearest TM dealer or TM UK.

Models available in the 2014 range are listed in their respective categories below

2014 Motocross range..........           

TM Racing 85cc MX
TM Racing 125cc MX                             
TM Racing 144cc MX                                                
TM Racing 250cc MX                                                
TM Racing 300cc MX                                               
TM Racing 250Fi 4t MX                                                 
TM Racing 450Fi 4t MX                                               
TM Racing 530 4t MX


2014 Enduro range..........

TM Racing 125cc EN
TM Racing 144cc EN
TM Racing 250cc EN
TM Racing 300cc EN
TM Racing 250Fi 4t ENes
TM Racing 450Fi  4t ENes
TM Racing 530 4t ENes


2014 Supermotard range..........

TM Racing 125cc / 250cc / 300cc SMR
TM Racing 450 / 530 4t SMRes
TM Racing 125cc / 250cc / 300cc Black / White Dream
TM Racing 450 / 530 4t es Black / White  Dream
TM Racing 250Fi / 450Fi / 530 4t SMX Competition


'es' denotes Electric Start


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