TM Racing 450 Rallye

TM Racing 450 Rallye.

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Here we have a TM Racing 450cc Rallye bike used by TM UK's owner and founder.

In this image the machine features a green colour scheme to represent the riders Irish heritage at an overseas event.


This bespoke machine was designed and built in Italy in a collaboration between TM Racing and a local Rallye bike specialist to an exacting list of  specifications as requested by the rider/owner. The list that features more equipment than the 'production' TM Racing DX / Rallye machines, that were spawned from this very machine, and one forged for many years of expericence of competing in Rallye events.
Featuring TM Racing's legendary 450cc 4-stroke electric start (retains conventional kickstarter) engine, one that has taken 2 Baja world class titles already. This engine is fed by a conventional 'pump-fed' carburettor with and overhead air intake system replacing the original front mounted centre fuel tank. Residing with the intake system, above the engine, is also an oil chamber to feed the added oil cooling system and its cooler unit situated in front of the sterring headstock. To the rear of the machine under the seating area we find a the battery for the starter system, relays and electrical system components and a small water tank. The cooling system for the engine also features radiator fans and an expansion tank system. The bespoke aluminium fuel tanks for this machine are nothing short of 'works of art', contained within in the front section we find a large pair of tanks that shroud the front of the machine forming the cowling, to the rear, in place of the conventional side panels, we find two more fuel tanks, one either side, increasing range even further. 
Marzocchi 50mm forks adorn the front of the machine, combined with a steering damper, with an Ohlins TTX shock absorber to the rear. The rear wheel is also a specialist item and contains a cush drive system within the hub to lessen the stresses applied to the engine on these gruelling events. A fabricated one-off exhaust system also features which allows the pipe to run 'underslung' along the chassis rails and off to one side, keeping the heat generated away from the engine, fuel tank and ancillaries and is covered by a fully enclosed sump guard plate.
A pair of twin halogen headlights reside in the forward facing cowling that also sheilds the map reading system, machine and lighting control systems and machine controls. Large wrap around handguards are also fitted. 
This spectacular, bespoke, purposeful machine has completed several rallye's with great success, in the UK and more notably abroad, Morocco being its last big event over 2 years ago. It is with great sadness that the current owner is now having to retire from these events due to an aggrevating injury and he must part with temptation, passing on his pride and joy to someone else who can use this machine as it was so brilliantly designed to do so.
Currently the machine is undergoing preparation prior to sale and we have inlcluded some images of the machine during this process to be able to witness and appreciate the engineering prowess used to produce it.

Now we see the machine in the more conventional 'TM Racing' blue and white colour scheme that currently adorns the body panels and fuel tanks. We can also see the chassis and componentry of the machine during various stages of fuel tank removal / replacement.


For further information on this machine please contact TM UK or CCM Racing (TM Racing Ireland) on 00 353 14526170

£11,995.00 - o.n.o