TM Racing - Quality First


The philosophy behind TM Racing is a simple one.......
To design, engineer and construct competition motorcycles using the best components and materials available, creating machines that will perform at the highest levels, machines of superior quality engineered for a purpose at whatever cost, driven by passion and not a balance sheet, to create what are essentially ‘factory’ machines available for all.
Made for life, not for re-cycle.

TM Racing have become world renowned for the performance, the quality and the high specification of their competition machines, machines made from components manufactured from some of the best materials and material grades known to the engineering and manufacturing industry. Most of these components are designed and manufactured in house at the TM Racing factory by their incredible workforce of highly skilled craftsmen and engineers using the latest manufacturing machinery and technologies. TM Racing take enormous pride in this accomplishment and thrive on their passion to create motorcycles of exceptional performance, exceptional quality and exceptional beauty whilst still retaining the ability to produce these jewels of engineering for all to cherish.

This is the dream of one man, a man that the very first TM Racing machine was created for, a man who adores motorcycles, a man who was himself a Grand Prix motorcross rider, a man obsessed with producing someting of exceptional quality, a man that is an extraordinary engineer, a designer, a manufacturer......and the man that owns TM Racing.


The philosophy to create the best is still the driving force behind TM Racing to this day, since the first machine was created in 1977 TM Racing have kept to their original philosophy, now over 30 years on and with many generations of machines having left the production line, in the small Italian coastal town of Pesaro, TM Racing are still producing their unique brand of high performance, exceptional quality, high specification, hand built motorcycles. For many who have owned and raced a TM Racing motorcycle they have never looked, or found, anything else to better the experience, an experiece that has led them buy nothing but TM Racing machinery, this is huge testament to TM Racing, It's products and the support offered by it's importers and dealers.


For over 3 decades TM Racing have been producing motorcycles to their original philosophy and the small, but nevertheless much respected, company has always been at the forefront of motorcycling technology. TM Racing has never been scared of change and has embraced technology through the years, many times heralding the latest innovations and being the first to integrate new technologies with their machines. TM Racing have also been the inventors of many new advances in engine design and configuration, something TM Racing rarely boast about or feel the need to contain in their promotional literature, and instead the credit for these achievements and 'new advancements' in off-road machinery is directed to others that feel the need to shout about their progress in a quest to increase their appeal, many many years after TM Racing achieved it.


The quality of TM Racing motorcylces is much evident with the external components on their machines but very few know of the quality of the components contained within their engines, for example...billet machined crankshafts, billet machined con-rods, high grade titanium valves matched to copper berylium valve seats, forged pistons, hand finished engine cylinders, cylinder heads and cases, exceptionally strong engine castings designed with the minimum of weight but the maximum in strength and resillience, exceptionally strong gearbox components, clutch components and material treatments, their own designed and manufactured throttle bodies, their re-engineered carburettors, all of which are 'factory' specification components and technologies integrated on production machines for the best in performance and reliability.


And there is more from TM Racing....................


Let us not forget that there is more to TM Racing than just producing motorcycles and that this commitment to quality stretches further, TM Racing are also an engine manufacturer producing a vast range of capacity and class structured engines for the Karting sector, TM Racing holds countless domestic and world Championship karting titles, In 2010 TM Racing took every major European Kart Championship title in all classes and divisions.



TM Racing have also supplied engines to, and worked with, road racing teams, the bike pictured below competed in the Japanese GP-mono championship, the Japanese team decided not to opt for a 'home grown' engine and decided that TM Racing's 250cc 4-Stroke engine would be a better option to power their machinery.

 TM have also begun production of their 450DX Rallye machine, the machine has already taken a world title in it's first compeitive season in the hands of Alex Zanotti.


Here are just a selection of images showing some of the huge list of high quality components that go into creating every TM Racing motorcycle.....


125cc Engine in Aluminium chassis.


125cc Die Cast clutch cover and billet machined rear brake pedal.


TM Racing billet machined triple clamps.


TM Racing etched handlebars.


TM Racing billet machined hubs and oversize wave discs.


TM Racing hand welded aluminium chassis.


TM Racing strengthened radiators and hand welded chassis.


TM Racing chrome plated HGS expansion chamber.


TM Racing billet machined rear hub and hand welded swing-arm.


TM Racing intake system with V-Force reed block.


TM Racing designed plastics, heavier gauge than conventionally found.


TM Racing chill cast cylinder head, ported and polished as standard.


TM Racing 450 engine with forged piston and billet con-rod.


TM Racing 250fi, TM designed and machined throttle body system.


TM Racing - Made In Italy.