TM User Advice

This section of the TM UK website will help you to get the best from your TM racing machine, it contains some useful advice on simple maintainance routines and basic information which answers the the most frequently asked questions.

In the drop-down menu you will find sections covering:

CLEANING: A complete guide for cleaning your TM Racing machine, covering pre-wash preparation, washing the machine thoroughly and post wash care.

ENGINE: Information on oils, quantities, fuel and fuel system, 4-stroke engine need-to-knows and electrical system components.

ENGINE STARTING PROCEDURES: A guide on how to start your TM Racing machine easily, covering 2-Stroke engine machines and 4-Stroke engine machines with either carburettors or electronic fuel injection.


BASIC MAINTAINANCE: Some advisorys and simple maintainance routines to help keep your TM Racing machine in race-ready condition, this guide covers pre-race preparation and day-to-day care, race-day and trackside maintainance and an insight into the periodic maintainance schedule, including some 'hints and tips' and 'do's and don'ts' when maintaining your TM Racing machine.



TM RACING TMEES ENGINE: Information on the TM Electronic Exhaust System on the new 125cc/144cc engine, this section contains the set-up guide for correct powervalve operation which is downloadable in pdf format and some useful information regarding carburettor jetting specifications.


FAQ's: Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your TM Racing machine, many of these answers can are also contained in your TM Racing user manual.


TM UK recommend the use of genuine spare parts only for your TM Racing machine.

Your TM Racing machine has been constructed to exacting standards using the best components to ensure maximum performance, reliability and safety, TM UK recommend that only genuine TM Racing spare parts be fitted to your TM Racing machine, parts which are designed, engineered and manufactured from specific material compositions ensuring the correct operating tolerances and longevity.
Not all 'spare parts' are made to TM Racing's exacting standards.


Failure to adhere to this warning could lead to performance loss, damage to your TM Racing machine, potential injury and invalidate any or all warranties on your TM Racing machine.


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