Eero Remes and TM Racing  - 2015 E1 World Champions

 Eero Remes and his TM Racing 250Fi ENes take the 2015 Enduro World Championship E1 Class title.

Thomas Charerye and TM Racing - 2015 S1 World Champions

Thomas Charerye and his TM 450Fi SMX take another consecutive World Championship Crown.


Championship Wins for Davies and Gasson at the ACU Route 77 GT Cup.

Jim Davies takes the British125cc Championship title, with team-mate, Chubbie Hammond, taking third overall in class. Callum Gasson takes the National 85cc Big Wheel Championship title. Richy Roberts, Archie Hicks and Liam Gale finish their seasons all inside the top 20 in their classes.....Click on picture for more imformation.

2016 TM Racing Range

The 2016 TM Racing range finally breaks cover. The Pesarese manufacturer and its dedicated staff have once again been been working hard to update their already incredible range of high performance, high specification, high quality and exceptional value, competition and road machines. After yet another season of great results globally the 'testing' is complete and the changes have been applied to the new 2016 model range.
Please click on the above 2016 model picture for more information regarding technical changes and pricings for the 2016 TM Racing range.


At TM UK we have always taken great pride in the fact that we can race at the highest levels on near stock TM Racing machinery, this has always been the same philosophy and driving force behind TM Racing, its importers and the teams using TM machinery. In fact TM Racing themselves, as a 'factory', go racing to design, develop and test bikes for their customers, to 'finish' their production models so to speak, their 'Factory' bikes are not hugely expensive machines that are specifically built and tailored for one rider to compete in his/her chosen discipline, discarded frequently and replaced countless times throughout a season, they are certainly not changed drastically from the production model it is supposed to resemble/will resemble, especially as far as the engines and engine ancillaries/electronic components are concerned, most of the components are the same as the production models, set-up for the individual.. yes, new / revised parts for the purpose of testing.. yes, but not necessarily replaced with something far more exotic and expensive that will never see it's way onto anything classed as 'production'. They are for the most, next years production models in the making, as can be seen in the 2015 range, a great example is the new fuel tank layout on the 4-strokes that have been used in 2014 by TM 'factory' at the MX GPs, World / European Supermotard GP's, and World Enduro Championship with great results. Top Ten (9th) in the MX GP's, World Champions once again in the S1 Motard class and 2nd in the world in the EWC E1 class, not a bad set of results for a factory of around 40 people on a small budget, just goes to show the bikes are up to the job. The new 85cc machine and the revised 125cc/144cc machines in the range, and in the UK the riders we are currently supporting, have caused quite a stir, the TM UK bikes in the 85cc classes in the BYMX and GT Cup, the 125's used by Jim Davies, Chubbie Hammond and Co', TM 300 2-stroke machines used in the Scott Nationals taking it to the big 4-strokes, and Josh Gotts using the 144 EN in the British Enduro Championship and the BSEC in the E2 class (who is moving to the E2 Class on a TM 250 EN for the 2015 season) all machines that you can buy. They are not extremely expensive 'factory' bikes, they are not unobtainable, nor are they changed drastically from stock with the addition of many internal and external components and 'tuned' to the point that many stock components, by necessity, are replaced by stronger/higher performance limitation parts at a great expense, we do not need to do that with the TM Racing machines that we use, all that is required is a little set up, suspension, jetting, etc, to tailor the bike to the individual, it is as simple as that. TM Racing's competition bikes are designed, engineered and assembled to perform reliably at the higher levels of the sport, the manufacturing, materials and components used by TM Racing to produce their motorcycles is extremely high. TM Racing machines are designed to a specification, not to a balance sheet, TM Racing does not answer to banks, shareholders or investors so to speak, there is one man to account too, TM Racing's founder and owner, who himself was a Grand Prix MX rider many years ago, he builds bike his way, because he can. Bikes built by racers.....for racers.
TM UK is also one of the largest genuine TM Racing spare parts holders outside of the TM factory itself and with nearly 30 years of working with TM Racing under our belts our parts inventory and knowledge of TM Racing machinery is vast. We are in fact TM Racing's longest standing customer, and will continue to be, as we push forward in the UK with the TM Racing brand with our recently revised dealer network and our amazing range of handbuilt, high specification, high performance motorcycles.
Passion, Performance, Quality.... it's not an option, it's our standard

TM UK's Jim Davies take the title as the 125cc 2014 championship winner as the GT Cup.

For full report on the series on all of the TM UK riders click here

TM Racing will be running a small production run of these red plastic kits for fit the aluminium framed models from 2008 onward in both 2t and 4t designations, this is a limited run and TM are taking orders now and once they are gone they are gone!. Anyone interested in having a very different TM Racing machine who would like to order any of these plastic kits (plastics only) please speak to their TM dealer asap.


 TM Racing, built to a different standard.

TM Racing UK Dealer Listings

With TM Racing's range of high performance, 'factory' specification, quality, hand assembled machines going from strength to strength across the globe, with an ever growing list of results in the disciplines of Motocross, Enduro and Supermotard on various models and engine designations, at all levels of competition from club racing, through to national and domestic championships to world events, the TM Racing brand and it's following is increasing.

With the resurgence of the ever popular two-stroke powered machine and with more dedicated championships becoming available to compete in worldwide, TM Racing, with it's reputation of creating some of the best two-stroke powered machines on the market, are continuing to forge forward and develop their two stoke range further. The latest 85cc machine is an excellent example of this and the 'first of it’s kind' aluminium chassis Junior model had been a huge success globally, allowing their owners to experience incredible stock performance, superb reliability, high specification and all on a bike that looks absolutely stunning. In addition to the Junior models the latest generation 125cc and 144cc models are also proving to be exceptional performers as are the 250cc 2-stroke models and the recently re-vamped mighty 300cc two-stroke powered machines. Not forgetting the 4-strokes, TM's recently redesigned 250Fi machine has shown to be a contender at world level on a machine that is competing in near standard trim, an accolade that for the most goes unnoticed. The 'big brother' 450cc power-plant has allowed TM have once again been the dominant force in Supermotard with the incredible 450Fi SMX machine, built uniquely as a 'motard' model and ready to buy and in various trim levels, this machine has taken the world by storm notching up victories everywhere it competes, from domestic level to the world championship stage. The Enduro variant of the 450cc model with it’s ‘DX’ designation has also allowed TM Racing to take world championship victories in the punishing Baja Rallye World Championships, an excellent credential to have in these extremely challenging and tough events and proof once again that TM Racing's 450cc platform is a true performer.

TM Racing are working hard once again to further enhance and improve their already fully comprehensive range of motorcycles, with many new and exciting projects underway, and with more in the pipeline, this, combined with the passion and determination that has always been presented by the Pesarese factory and its dedicated staff, will be the opening chapter of a new book in the history of TM Racing ..... Orgoglio Italiano!.

TM Racing  -  Performance, Quality, Specification.........
....it's not an option, it's our standard.


Machined from billet block steel, treated for durabilty and finished with a black coating these lowering brackets are a straight replacement for the original mountings bolting straight to the chassis with ease and allowing simple fitment of the original footpegs. available in 30mm and 50mm drops.


Come inside and take a look at TM UK's 'Pre-Owned' machines section on our site, most machines featured are TM UK's very own team bikes and are maintained to the highest standards throughout their lives on the TM UK team. These machines are then fully restored in the TM UK workshop, by the team mechanics, are in excellent condition and are ready to race at the highest levels of competition.

Get yourself a quality, used TM Racing machine today.

TM UK's, Callum Gasson, ripping up Desertmartin at the 2015 BYN battling with Harry Kimber.

   Extremeworks MX supported TM rider, 'Chubbie' Hammond rips it up on his 2012 TM 125cc machine, on the pipe indeed !!.    Yet another cool video from the Too Fast Films team.


Onboard with TM UK Motocross Team rider, Lewis King, on his TM Racing 300 MX 2-Stroke machine at round 4 of the 2012 British Motocross Championship at Milton Park.

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TM UK / TM Racing Video Selection.

TM Test Day

Jim Davies Talking Live On A TM 125 MX -  HIs First Time On A bike In 6 Months !!

Jim Davies - 125 MX

Toofast Max Tests A Brand New 250Fi MX

Toofast Max Tests the TM 125 MX




Available to order now are a selection of 'Enduro' - full sump guards, 'Sole Plate' - part sump/chassis rail guards, Exhaust Guards, Radiator Braces and Radiator Grills and finally Frame Guards, all for a large range of TM Racing models and years.


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